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straightforward HR solutions for our complex World


Recruiting top experts or setting up big volume teams can be a struggle. A process from sourcing to convincing candidate to sign on is like a bumpy road with many curves. 


We have experienced all of them and now we are shaping new recruitment solutions.

We are not another recruitment factory!


At HR|hub we believe in sustainable innovations and proven on multiple occasions the Agile approach makes the whole recruitment exercise much quicker and flexible.

We do love top notch trends in business and we are keen on continual process improvement. Nevertheless, we never forget where came from. Artificial Intelligence can and will bring a shift but never replace creating a unique value based on relation and relevant discussion with the Candidate. 


At HR|hub we complement the “old school” recruitment methods with the cross-functional innovations and outstanding service level commitments.


Instead of limiting the results by going to the usual places (job portals) and wasting time waiting for the potential results, we meet candidates where they are.


In direct search we trust!




By 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings.

But projections show universities are not likely to produce enough qualified graduates to fill even about 30% of these jobs.” (Gartner)

Even if you get one of that 30 % - what's the guarantee of getting the best?


It’s too late to start creating employee’s engagement from the first day, and that's a great opportunity as the modern generation is looking for authenticity like none -

that’s where employer branding comes in.


What does it take to be recognized as the best employer?

It's the delightful experience of being challenged, supported, appreciated at work without missing the fun ingredient...properly advertised in the market.


Sounds tough - and we all know it is, but we at HR|hub got both 'how to' and the enthusiasm to help your Company to truly and sustainably stand out!


We'll Fix You Up in a Jiffy

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.



Experience is in the centre of HR|hub strategy.


Candidate applying for a job, Employee of our Client, Employer looking for the new Talents or HR consultancy – you all are our Customers and your HR|hub experience is simply the most important deliverable for us.


Let's work together to introduce experience-rich culture to your Organization!


The world has changed.

Adopt the change and drive innovation.


Recruitment, engagement and retention drivers of the past: salary, common benefits, and perks are today's table stakes. It means organizations must rethink how they care about talents and how to meet their demands staying profitable.



Listen to the real needs,

be flexible and deliver an awesome experience to your Team. 


According to HRM Institute Report: Fun@work 2018 – It pays to play!

Are you in for creating a "WOW" effect?

Offer targetted benefits and exceed your Employees' expectations, keeping your costs intact.





Likes, shares, swipes, matches, ad hoc polls - the Insta Generation is starving for immediate feedback and rewards.



Annual performance management got irrelevant.

Be Agile!


Beware though!

It's the purpose and development what drives the Top Performer of the decade.

The Top Performer who is excited about the challenges, thriving for success and is able to achieve the goals set in a snap!


Careful and thought through yet highly interactive performance management is what the Companies need these days. We cheerfully endeavor to keep our Clients motivation and assessment strategies state of the art.


Anxious to take yours to the next level? Let's talk!



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