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Modern Companies can’t exist without Human Resource Management like Yin can’t exist without Yang.


As we believe in complementarity and simplicity, we decided HR|hub will focus on the four synergy creating areas making our Clients successful:

- Agile Recruitment
- Employee Experience
- Employer Branding
- Performance Management


What makes us unique?

Sandford I. Weill (former CEO of Citigroup) said …we are a product of all our experience’.

Here, at HR|hub we combine one built on thousands of hours of passionate, successful yet hard work in IT Services Management and HR support of multiple sectors including:

Logistics, IT Software Development, Insurance, Manufacturing, and SSC/BPO.



When should you reach out? 

The sooner – the better!

Definitely whenever you need fast yet exceptional quality recruitment services, thinking how to better engage your Teams to stand out in the market or simply making your HR more efficient. 

You can just 'say Hi!' so we can get to know each other and identify areas we can support.

Regardless if you are looking for standard or bespoke solutions we are with our 'straightforward HR solutions' there for you!

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