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Social Media Manager, Big Data Analyst, Cloud Computing Specialist... or Uber Driver.

Just a few years ago these, currently high demand positions were never heard of.


According to Dell Inc., 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet.


Those dynamics along with constantly (and often unpredictably) changing business demands are one of the biggest challenges of nowadays Recruitment Teams.


Agile is the way we believe in. Why?


  • internal client confidence and buy-in due to extensive collaboration and process transparency

  • better fitting results

  • at a glance recruitment team's workload

  • clear, reachable goals = team motivation

  • flexibility - first results without long lead times


Need the know how? HR|hub expertise is the response:


  • we realized our first successful Agile recruitment set-up in early 2017

  • we're enthusiastic about the Agile Framework but more interested in tailoring it to your context

  • we'll make you independent by supporting in making your teamwork Agile

  • Scrum, Spring and Kanban won't be just buzzwords anymore.

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